11 Things Nutritionists Eat at the Airport–and 4 They Avoid

Airport terminals are like a giant impulse aisle, full of temptations you may usually resist, whether it’s glossy gossip mags or salty snacks. Even if you’re traveling for business, it can be simple to adopt a vacation-mode mentality, dropping your usual healthy eating habits or over-eating out of boredom or travel anxiety.

That’ll probably lead to regrets later in the day: Opting for unhealthy snacks can result in GI upset or feeling hangry (thanks, sugar crash), points out Ginger Hultin, RDN, a Seattle-based Arivale coach. “Keep in mind how you want to feel in the long-term: tired and cranky or energetic and alert? Snacking at the airport can greatly affect the experience you’ll have on the flight and on your trip,” Hultin says.

Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent-for-you eats available at airports these days. We spoke to nutrition experts to find out which foods they eat before a flight—and which ones they avoid at all costs.

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