Is It Possible to Take Too Many Vitamins? 

In an ideal world, we’d all eat a perfectly balanced diet every day, getting 100% of the vitamins and minerals we need from fresh, tasty, and home-cooked foods. In real life, but, that rarely happens….

6 Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

I like everything about pumpkins, including their seeds. As a kid I loved tearing them out of our carved pumpkins at Halloween, and cleaning them to roast in the oven. But these days it’s simple…

Is It Possible to Eat Too Much Avocado?

If avocados had a dating profile, I’d swipe right quicker than if Bradley Cooper showed up on my Tinder feed—anyone who’s recently seen the graying hunk in A Star Is Born knows that’s really saying…

9 Fruits You Can Actually Eat on the Keto Diet

Chances are by now you’ve either tried the trendy low-carb, high-stout ketogenic diet or you know someone who has. Even celebs like Kourtney Kardashian, Halle Berry, and Vanessa Hudgens have all spoken publicly about adapting a…

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